This was a campaign I ran in 1996-1997 using the Robotech rules from Palladium. I had played in a couple of Robotech campaigns previously, but this was my first outing as a GM.

Inspired by the RDF Accelerated Training Program supplement, I hit on the idea of having the PCs as recruits, in training during the years between the arrival of “the Visitor” and the launch of the SDF that marks the beginning of the Macross saga.

My records of how I handled these proto-characters are, unfortunately, incomplete – 10 years of transferring files from 3.5 diskette to ZIP drives to hard drives and back, and changes in e-mail accounts, resulted in the loss of all my electronic data. Fortunately I have printouts of much of it, so I am recording it here for posterity.


Robotech Cadet Corps