Robotech Cadet Corps

The Beginning

January 3, 2008 (Game time)

These were scripts I wrote for myself, to make sure I had all the information I figured that I’d need for each session. They were written to be read verbatim to the players (with the exception of parenthetical comments)

The date is December 15, 2008. You have each completed basic Veritech Training among the top 15% of your class. You have all been given orders for Advanced Squad Training. Report to Yellowstone Training Base on Janary 3, cadet.

(Have characters wrap up any personal stuff)

“Welcome, Cadets, to the Robotech Defense Force Advanced Training Program. You have all shown great promise during your basic training in Robotech mecha. As the best of the next generation of pilots, you have been chosen to be put through advanced squad tactics training. You will be competing against simulators, instructors, and even each other.”

As the instructor pauses to take a drink, you look around the room. There are quite a few people here, probably close to a hundred, but a longer look at their specialty crest shows that Veritech pilots are outnumbered by the various Destroid pilots. You wonder how often you’ll be meeting fellow students in combat.

The instructor continues. “Most of you don’t know each other. A few of you may be passing acquaintances. A select few may even have good friends or siblings in the program. I will tell you now, the odds of having been placed in a squad with someone you know is slim, so be prepared to make new friends… and new enemies.”

“You have been placed into six-unit squads, per current RDF tactics. The only pilots here assured of being with their own kind are the Veritechs. You Destroid pilots will probably be a mixed bag of mecha types. Squad assignments are being downloaded to your terminals now.”

Each of you looks at your screen and notes that you have been assigned to Red Squad. The names on the list are unfamiliar, except your own.

Red 1 – Meadows, Calvin
Red 2 – Phillips, David
Red 3 – Phillips, Jacqueline
Red 4 – Piazalinni, Antonio
Red 5 – Stone, Scott
Red 6 – Von Hammer, Wolfgang

“This program will last approximately 4 months.” You hear a few grumbles and groans about more school, but the instructor raises his hand and the room falls silent. “And to assure you that we’re not just here to keep you in training, let me tell you what you’re competing for.”

“The top three squads will be assigned to the SDF-1’s fighter wing.” A few gasps, whoops, and hollers follow that announcement. “The next six will be assigned to the CVS Prometheus. The rest will be given their choice of any other Earthbound assignment.”

You note that a few of the other VT and Destroid pilots look nervous, while some are arrogantly cracking their knuckles and mumbling about getting to work.

“Your assignments will be given to you at your squad meetings in 15 minutes. Check your pads for room assignments. And good luck.”

Your room assignment tells you to go to room 116A.

(Have the PCs arrive and introduce around, then…)

Suddenly the door bangs open and a rather stern looking officer walks in.

(PCs should react by snapping to attention)

The officer waves for you to sit down, and takes his place at the podium. “Good morning, cadets. My name is Lt. Ecker, and I’ve been assigned as the squad Tac Officer for Red Squad. You ladies will answer to me for the next 4 months. You make me look good, I’ll make you look good. You make me look bad, you’ll regret it. Any questions? Good.”

You quickly realize that he is no-nonsense, and a bit of an ass, but it seems like he’ll support you as long as you don’t screw up too badly.

“You are supposed to be the best of the best. Individually. I’m here to help mold you together as a squad. It works a little differently when there’s other asses on the line. So we’re going to start you off easy – in pairs.”

He turns on the overhead projector. “You will be in simulators. There will be three lanes. You will each be paired with every one of your squadmates during this drill. In each lane there will be a number of targets. Work TOGETHER to eliminate them.”

(Questions may be asked at this time. The following info should be sufficient.)

  1. The VTs will have full ammo loads, including the short and medium range missiles of the PCs choice (NO LONG RANGE MISSILES)
  2. Opposition will mainly consist of various Earth craft, from older fighters to the newer style tanks and aircraft. Be ready for anything.
  3. Pairing combinations will be announced in mid-flight. Starting pairs are 1-2, 3-4, and 5-6.


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