Jacob "Jake" Abernathy


Hit points: 31 SDC: 17
Attributes: IQ 17, ME 13, MA 20, PS 16, PP 18, PE 12, PB 15, Spd 10
Align: Principled
Age: 19
Weight: 165 Height: 5’ 8”


Veritech Pilot OCC at base
WP Heavy
Prowl 40
Pilot Helicopter 70
Mecha Mechanics 45

HTH: Atk 2, strk +2, dodge +2, RWP +2, Parry +2
Mecha: Atk 4, strk +3, dodge +4,6,8, RWP +5, parry +4


Callsign: “Death”

Despite the obvious limitation of his alignment, Jake will quickly assume the main leadership role in his squad. Even the evil alignment characters bow to his judgement. In simulator scenarios he is ruthless, and only less so in live. His only deference is to Ray in matters of tactics, but will still lead the execution.

Jacob "Jake" Abernathy

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