Jason Starknight


Hit points: 40 SDC: 24
Attributes: IQ 15, ME 15, MA 13, PS 18, PP 19, PE 14, PB 13, Spd 12
Align: Unprincipled
Age: 20
Weight: 174 Height: 5’ 11”


Veritech Pilot OOC at base
WP Heavy
HTH Martial Arts
Pilot Helicopter 70
Comp Repair 40

HTH: Atk 2, stk +2, dodge +2, RWP +3, parry +2, dmg +3
Mecha: Atk 4, strk +3, dodge +4,6,8, RWP +6, parry +4


Callsign: “Famine”

Jason is the risk-taker. He will push his mecha (and luck) to the limits of his abilities and orders. Any maneuver he tries is bound to get his squadmates in trouble, and he rarely gives his squad leader time to countermand what he’s doing. He will only risk himself, however, and will not assume the leadership role.

Jason Starknight

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