Janice McMurray


Hit points: 31 SDC: 17
Attributes: IQ 14, ME 13, MA 12, PS 19, PP 18, PE 12, PB 22, Spd 10
Align: Principled
Age: 21
Weight: 165 Height: 5’ 8”


Veritech Pilot OOC at base
WP Heavy
Prowl 40
Pilot Helicopter 70
Mecha Mech 45

HTH: Atk 2, stk +2, dodge +2, RWP +2, parry +2
Mecha: Atk 4, strk +3, dodge +4,6,8, RWP +5, parry +4


Callsign: “G-String”

Janice is the token female of the group. A stunning, fire-haired knockout, she can go toe-to-toe with the best of them, HTH or mecha. Her main failing is that she tends to waffle when thrust into the leadership role, so her combat strikes are not always effective. However, once given an order, she will go at it like a wild woman.

Janice McMurray

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