Jacqueline "Jackie" Phillips


Callsign: “Thumper”

This was the character background summary I provided to each PC at the start of the campaign, based on discussed character background elements.

Age: 20
Father: Andrew, mechanical engineer
Mother: Karen, homemaker

  • Michael, 15
  • Patricia, 10


You were born in 1989. At age six, you were barely able to comprehend the concept of global civil war, but it grew with you until 1999, when a “meteor” crashed on an island in the Pacific. The devastation caused by it put a cease-fire to the civil war, and in October of 1999 world peace is realized under the United Earth Government (UEG).

Old enough at this point to follow the developments unfolding, you find your interest peaked in the new technology promised by the team that probed “the Visitor.” The flip-side, that both frightened and intrigued you was the evidence of a threat from space. Anti-unification riots begin after the announcements, but are quelched quickly. The UEG becomes fuly functional in January of 2001.

Through elementary school, you followed the reports and rumors of the new technology, from the construction of Moon Base to the development of the ARMD platforms, Grand Cannons, and rumored new combat vehicles.

Your father, a mechanical engineer, was moved to Macross Island in 2002, shortly after the UEG came fully on line. Emil Lang was looking for the best and brightest to help develop the new technology, and your father fit the bill. He hoped that you would follow in his footsteps.

Unfortunately, you had other plans. Finding little to no aptitude or desire to enter engineering, you secretly enrolled in Military Intelligence (MI) school in 2006 before your father could make other arrangements. He still has not forgiven you for this.

Two years later, you came out of Intel school with some brand new skills and ideas under your belt. But you wanted more. Fortunately, so did RDF MI.

They put out a call to any recent MI grads to undergo Veritech fighter training. The hope was that after a short tour of duty, the VF program would let you go, and MI would have flight capable agents. So, you entered flight school, understanding that you could be called on at any time to serve an alternate purpose for MI.

You graduated with the top of your class. The date is now December 15, 2008.

Jacqueline "Jackie" Phillips

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