Dmitri Kasparov


Hit points: 41 SDC: 40
Attributes: IQ 14, ME 15, MA 15, PS 18, PP 17, PE 15, PB 14, Spd 13
Align: Anarchist
Age: 19
Weight: 178 Height: 5’ 11”


Destroid Pilot OOC at base
WP Semi-Auto
Pilot Truck 76
Auto Mechanics 55

HTH: Atk 3, stk +1, dodge +2, RWP +3, parry +2, damage +3
Mecha (Spartan): Atk 4, strk +2, dodge +3, RWP +4, parry +3


Dmitri is the last of the Russion holdovers. His parents were staunchly loyal during the GCW and taught their son the same. He, however, recognized the threat of alien attack and joined the RDF to protect his country. He loves the long-range abilities of the Spartan, but tends to overdo it early on and runs out of options by the end of simulated combat.

Dmitri Kasparov

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