Darian Lewis


Hit points: 29 SDC: 15
Attributes: IQ 14, ME 11, MA 12, PS 17, PP 21, PE 14, PB 17, Spd 16
Align: Principled
Age: 18
Weight: 164 Height: 5’ 8”


Destroid Pilot OOC at base
WP Heavy
Prowl 40
Pilot Helicopter 65
Mecha Mechanics 50

HTH: Atk 2, stk +3, dodge +3, RWP +2, parry +3, dmg +2
Mecha (MAC II): Atk 4, strk +4, dodge +3, parry +4


The young, idealistic goody-two shoes of the squad, Darian still looks at the world in wide-eyed wonder, despite his having lived through the GCW. His staunch refusal to do ANYTHING against his beliefs is a bit of a holdback, but he follows orders well.

Magenta 5 – Team notes

The MAC II requires at least two pilots. If the RDF could have made a worse match, the mecha would probably run away screaming. These two are constantly at each other’s throats over tactics and procedures. The only thing that makes them an effective fighting team is orders. Under orders they are a force to be reckoned with. Left to their own devices, their mecha is so much cannon fodder.

Darian Lewis

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