Michael Bloodworth


Hit points: 43 SDC: 28
Attributes: IQ 18, ME 16, MA 19, PS 17, PP 19, PE 16, PB 15, Spd 14
Align: Miscreant
Age: 20
Weight: 180 Height: 6’ 0”


Veritech Pilot OOC at base
WP Laser Rifle
HTH Martial Arts
Pilot Tank 55
Mecha Mech 50

HTH: Atk 2, stk +2, dodge +2, RWP +3, parry +2, dmg +2
Mecha: Atk 4, strk +3, dodge +4,6,8, RWP +6, parry +4


Callsign: “Pestilence”

Michael is the bad boy of Blue squad. Coldly calculating and methodical, he won’t hesitate to use anything he knows against his opponent. He does not taunt initially, but can finish a match and leave his opponent whimpering. He will use every underhanded maneuver at his disposal. He can and will assume the leadership role, deferring only to Jake and Ray.

Michael Bloodworth

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