David Phillips


Callsign: “Skidmark”

This was the character background summary I provided to each PC at the start of the campaign, based on discussed character background elements.

Age: 20
Father: LCOL John, fighter pilot
Mother: Susan, secretary

  • Samantha, 26, military doctor
  • Gary, 24, military intelligence


You were born in 1989. At age six, you were barely able to comprehend the concept of global civil war, but it grew with you until 1999, when a “meteor” crashed on an island in the Pacific. The devastation caused by it put a cease-fire to the civil war, and in October of 1999 world peace is realized under the United Earth Government (UEG).

Old enough at this point to follow the developments unfolding, you find your interest peaked in the new technology promised by the team that probed “the Visitor.” The flip-side, that both frightened and intrigued you was the evidence of a threat from space. Anti-unification riots begin after the announcements, but are quelched quickly. The UEG becomes fuly functional in January of 2001.

Through elementary school, you followed the reports and rumors of the new technology, from the construction of Moon Base to the development of the ARMD platforms, Grand Cannons, and rumored new combat vehicles.

You are a 3rd-generation military brat. Your grandfather, now retired, was a pilot instructor at the Top Gun school and NAS Miramar. Your father flew Falcon fighters during the Global Civil War (GCW). Your mother served in various secretarial positions around the military bases your father was stationed at.

In late 2003, your father joined numerous other GCW veterans at Macross Island to help in the development of the new fighter technology. You were never able to glean anything from him other than that you should join up if you really wanted to know. You avoided the first draft of new pilots, but by the second your father had convinced you. Your brother had already joined up with Military Intelligence, and your sister signed on with the RDF after completing medical school.

You obtained your private pilot’s license at age 14, and attended USC for a little over a year. You are also bilingual from spending most of your developmental years in southern California.

You have graduated among the top of your class. The date is now December 15, 2008.

David Phillips

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