Scott Stone


Callsign: “Sponge”

This was the character background summary I provided to each PC at the start of the campaign, based on discussed character background elements.

Age: 19
Father: Harold T., Biologist
Mother: Christine, Botanist
Siblings: None


You were born in 1990. At age five, you were barely able to comprehend the concept of global civil war, but it grew with you until 1999, when a “meteor” crashed on an island in the Pacific. The devastation caused by it put a cease-fire to the civil war, and in October of 1999 world peace is realized under the United Earth Government (UEG).

Old enough at this point to follow the developments unfolding, you find your interest peaked in the new technology promised by the team that probed “the Visitor.” The flip-side, that both frightened and intrigued you was the evidence of a threat from space. Anti-unification riots begin after the announcements, but are quelched quickly. The UEG becomes fuly functional in January of 2001.

Through elementary school, you followed the reports and rumors of the new technology, from the construction of Moon Base to the development of the ARMD platforms, Grand Cannons, and rumored new combat vehicles.

Unfortunately, you were pulled away from all this when your parents decided to move to Moon Base. Their combined skills in biology and botany made them ideal for the fledgling colony, so they moved there with you in July of 2004.

You were disgruntled, but tried to adjust. You attended the high school there, and slowly tried to fit in. But then it happened.

Playing “shoot-em-up” with your friends, you were taking a long, outside route to outflank the other team when you passed by an airlock. At the time, you didn’t realize that the airlock had been opened and several million credits worth of equipment belonging to the Corlizone Corporation was sucked out into space. This came to your attention when the authorities came after you about your involvement. You found that a videocam had recorded your presence in the area at the time of the “accident.” You denied involvement, and your parents supported you, as did your friends. However, all evidence pointed to you and the authorities weren’t looking into the matter further. So you ran. For Earth. Where you could get lost again.

You stayed on the run for 3 months before you saw a notice that young people wer being encouraged to apply for the “Robotech” military to pilot their “new” craft. Spending the last of your credits, you caught a transport to Macross Island.

Acceptance into the Robotech Defense Force came quickly, the only snag being the price on your head that the Corlizone Corporation had put out. The RDF assured you that the matter would be taken care of, and they put you into the Veritech pilot program.

One year later, you have graduated among the top of your class. The date is December 15, 2008.

Scott Stone

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