Ray Veen


Hit points: 35 SDC: 20
Attributes: IQ 21, ME 16, MA 16, PS 15, PP 18, PE 13, PB 10, Spd 11
Align: Scrupulous
Age: 19
Weight: 170 Height: 5’ 10”


Veritech Pilot OOC at base
WP Laser Rifle
Climb 50
Pilot Jet 70
Aircraft Mech 50

HTH: Atk 2, stk +2, dodge +2, RWP +2, parry +2
Mecha: Atk 4, strk +3, dodge +4,6,8, RWP +5, parry +4


Callsign: “Whizbang”

Ray is a tactical whiz. He will assume the leadership role unless Jake is present. His maneuvers are not hair-brained and off the wall like Jason, but coldly and methodically planned. And undeniably effective against most targets. Jake will defer to his judgement in matters of tactics, but take responsibility in the execution.

Ray Veen

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