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  • Leslie Armand

    Commanding one of the most versatile Destroids makes Leslie a force to be reckoned with. She emerges as a leader, but not necessarily the overall. She fights fair, and NEVER underestimates her opponent. Not a drop-dead knockout, but pretty enough.

  • Steven Gallendra

    Steven is an excellent candidate for XO. He can hold the leadership role, but will defer to someone he knows is better. He is very quiet, speaking only when necessary, and gets his job done.

  • Bartholomew Sample

    Bart is the hulk of the group. His physical strength and dour demeanor easily make him the most feared of the group. This is also what led his to the Gladiator – a physically imposing brute that relies on hand-to-hand combat as much as its missiles and …

  • Dmitri Kasparov

    Dmitri is the last of the Russion holdovers. His parents were staunchly loyal during the GCW and taught their son the same. He, however, recognized the threat of alien attack and joined the RDF to protect his country. He loves the long-range abilities …

  • Wallace Jenkins

    p. Wallace is the bad-boy of the squad. He’s a loner and a risk-taker, and doesn’t get along well with anyone, especially his teammates of good alignments. He is, however, disciplined enough to follow orders, and never assumes a leadership role. p. * …

  • Darian Lewis

    p. The young, idealistic goody-two shoes of the squad, Darian still looks at the world in wide-eyed wonder, despite his having lived through the GCW. His staunch refusal to do ANYTHING against his beliefs is a bit of a holdback, but he follows orders …

  • Frederick Germain

    Frederick is the tactical whiz. He puts his Raidar X to good use in creating a screen for other team members to use when implementing his plans. He will assume a leadership role.

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