Long Term Plot Elements

These were my notes, that took the disparate stories the characters came up with and linked them together. It seemed like it would be more fun for characters to discover their backgrounds connect them…

1) The Corlizone Family

Linked membersScott Stone, Tony Piazzalini, Jackie Phillips (to a lesser extent)

The family has vested interests in the linked players. Piazzalini is a loose end long needing to be tied up. The rest of his family waws killed during the mob hit, but he somehow survived and was swept up by the Piazzalini family, kept out of reach. Until now. On Macross, having run away from home, Tony is so much fish food to them.

Scott was the cause of a multi-million dollar loss on Moon Base, and the Corlizone’s want it taken out of his hide, since he slipped off Moon Base to escape the charges, and the RDF quelched them completely upon his conscription.

Knowing that both are on Macross, the Corlizone’s have decided to go undercover. Through a cover corporation, they open a restaurant on Macross Island (Italian, of course) to allow them a foothold of trust in the community. The restaurant turns out to be a huge success, so much so that it is reopened in the bowels of the SDF-1. It lasts until the return to Earth, by which point everything should have come out and the PCs should be united behind eradicating this threat to their buddies.

Jackie Phillips comes into the picture early on as RMI gets wind of an anti-Robotech presence on Macross Island. Since the agreement with the RDF gives her to them until six months after training, she’s just told to keep her eyes open and report as she finds anything. Once her six months are up, she will be given orders to take a more active role in the investigation, leading to the full disclosure.

The Corlizone family on Earth, while the SDF-1 is gone, will be making ties with the fledgling bits of the pre-EBSIS (i.e. the never-fully-destroyed Anti-Unification Movement). The final conflict with the mob should be to stop the remaining Corlizone agents from stealing Veritechs to give to the AUM or EBSIS.

2) The UEG

Linked characters: Wolfgang Von Hammer

Normally not a concern for PCs, having one PC’s father be a rep to the UEG presents some interesting possibilities once back on Earth. Suggestions that come to mind revolve around a certain Alaska base scenario. :) Also, attempts for SAR after the Rain are there as well (whether dead or alive).

Alaska base is a reference to the first Robotech campaign I played in. Maybe I can get my old GM to help me post it here…

3) The RDF

Linked characters: Calvin Meadows, David Phillips, Jackie Phillips

These characters have parents/siblings in the military. For Calvin, it’s a father stationed on the Prometheus as a weapons systems officer. For David, it’s a father in the R&D division as a test pilot, a brother in MI, and a sister in the medical corps. For Jackie, it’s a father in engineering, working closely with Emil Lang.

Essentially, these are set-ups for screwing with the characters. Being who and what they are, all three families are on Macross Island, and eventually on the SDF-1.

Long Term Plot Elements

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