Suggested Opposition

GM Info: Suggested opposition for the training lanes

Palladium went to all the trouble to stat out “mundane” Earth military hardware – this was a perfect place to use it. I gave myself just enough information to run the encounters, with page references if I needed more info.

L.V.T. Adventurer II (RPG – Book 1, pg. 71)
75 MDC Main Body, +3 dodge, 4 attk
30 short range missiles (P/N 1d6×10 MD)

Falcon Figher Jet (RPG – Book 1, pg. 71)
120 MDC main body, +2 strike, +4 dodge, 4 attk
6 medium range missiles (P/H 2d6×10 MD)

QF-3000E Ghost (RPG – Book 1, pg. 72)
100 MDC Main Body, +2 strike, +4 dodge, 4 attk
3 AC/wing (2d6×10 MD)

Comanchero Assault Helicopter (RPG – Book 1, pg. 73-74)
100 MDC main body, +2 strike, +2(+3) dodge (w/boosters), 4 attk
Machinegun (6d4 MD)
AC (2) (4d6 MD each)
54 short range missles (P/N 1d6×10 MD)

MBT-62 “Dark Knight” Combat Tank (RDF Manual – Book 2, pg 11-12)
250 MDC Main Body, 6 atk
Main gun (4d6 MD)
6 rockets (1d4×10 MD)
Laser Turret (2d6 MD)

UF-14 Supersonic Interceptor (RDF Manual – Book 2, pg 14)
200 MDC Main Body, +2 strike, +4 dodge, 6 attk
AC (1d4×10 MD)

As I recall, I threw these Destroid and VT squads together long before I came up with the detailed stats that I linked to. The RATS templates were the basis for those fleshed out characters, though, so either version works fine – the essentials are the same.

Destroid Squad (RATS type from ATP, page 14)

VT Squad (RATS type from ATP, page 14)

Suggested Opposition

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